Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 2 of the challenge

I love going out to restaurants, I love food! I love wine! I love cocktails! I love locking someone else, or a group of people, into chatting over a juicy (but not too juicy) fillet steak or drooling over the dessert menu.
And there lies the problem...locking them into conversation, and indulging in a few wines or experimenting with a few cocktails doesn't work when you have a bunch of kids. Kids who keep getting out of their chairs to pick up dropped cutlery, and keep dropping cutlery just to get out of their chairs. Kids who are more interested in the bark at the bottom of the potplant, or creating little piles of salt and pepper, than they are in talking about their planned renovation/holiday/anything in the news. A baby who needs a bottle, or a change, or to grab the end of the tablecloth and move everything on the table a few inchs their way.

Does a playcentre count as a restaurant?

Because Peter and I don't get to go out too often without the kids, when we do go it's so loaded with expectation that it takes a while to really relax and enjoy the experience. Everything has to be perfect, I try too hard to try and make the experience just like it was before kids (which, thanks to an extra 20kg and 5 years worth of hair-neglect is an impossible task). I get annoyed when he isn't as excited as I am about the 'date', even though after a busy week at work he'd probably much rather to veg and watch sport on tv. I spend too much time and energy trying to find the best restaurant, when he really likes Chinese food and would be happy with some all you can eat buffet.

We have a night out planned for this coming Friday, thanks to my mum arriving for a few days. Last time she came, and last time we had a babysitter so that we could go out alone, was 5 months ago. This time I'm going to start drinking early, instead of wasting an hour on my hair.

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