Friday, November 27, 2009

Almost 2 years on...

I just rediscovered this old blog by googling what I remembered my blog title to be. When the results came up in google, I didn't even recognise the little snippets from past entries as my own and wondered why some other mummy was feeling loopy. It wasn't until I pulled up the blog, and saw the photo of 3 of my babies, that I realised that this was it. My blog from yesteryear :)

You won't believe it, but reading my last entries, I was almost teary. How much they have grown in 2 short years! Plus, of course, we've added another one to the clan and they no longer fit across the back seat. It's almost too painful to look at that photo, and read the blog, and not for the reasons I would have thought. It has been worth it.

So I aim to start writing in here again, thinking that one day, maybe in a couple of years down the track, I will look back on these days with the same fondness. Because these doesn't seem likely!

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