Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why am I blogging?!

I've spent the past couple of days looking over other people's blogs and wondering why I have even decided to start this one back up again. Thankfully, my kids are healthy. I don't have any special creative talents to share, and I'm not especially skilled in any other way. I don't even have any real interest in anything, so can't use this as a platform for book or film reviews. All I have at this time is my family, but for some reason (probably because everybody else's blogs are so interesting!) this doesn't seem to be enough and I'm almost embarrassed that anybody might ever stumble across this boring blog.

Then I reread my posts from a couple of years ago, and I'm reminded that however boring my posts might be (to myself included!) at this time, I know in a couple of years I will be thankful for everything/anything I'd recorded to help me remember life as I knew it.

Yesterday we took the kids to Olivia's preschool for Santa photos. Olivia really didn't want to go. She loved getting ready, so much so that she raided my makeup box and put bronze mineral eyeshadow all over her face. I ended up telling her that if she was scared, her dad would go in the photo with her and it would be her job to make him smile. She liked that idea - her dad didn't ;) Kimbal was very excited, I nearly had tears from trying to stop myself from laughing at his excitement when he saw the photo of Santa on the gate announcing that photos were inside. He skipped up the path ahead of us, giggling like a little girl. Luella was only slightly apprehensive, but once she saw Santa and he asked her what she wanted for Christmas she became very talkative. But she wasn't answering his question at all, whenever we meet up with people we don't know she becomes the hostess and does all of the introductions. Yesterday, she babbled 'This is Humble. He's a boy and he has spikey hair. And this is Curti Curt....and...there's Olivia'. For the record, Kimbal wants reindeer chocolate and Olivia wants lipgloss.

Curtis obviously didn't say much, but he also didn't cry until after the photos were taken. This was the first year that we haven't had an adult in the picture, consoling a child! Since there's not much to say about his second Santa experience (last year he was fresh out of hospital and still glowed almost as red as Santa's suit!), I'll add that last night he surprised us all by randomly walking across the loungeroom floor. Probably 12 steps in total!!! He wasn't being enticed by anything, I was just sitting in the lounge and looked up to see him walk like a pro across the floor.

I'm also hoping my blog will follow my journey as I become more balanced in life (hmmm, thanks to previous posts I see this was a goal for 2008?!). I have dedicated the past 5.5 years to being a mum, and now I finally see that there is enough of me to build myself in other areas as well. Health is a big area I am looking to improve, I do love the idea of exercise but have been somewhat time poor (and excuses full)! Now that I have finished my grad dip ed, I also plan on starting to do some casual teaching. It's going to be a huge learning curve, relearning everything in the high school SOSE course and putting teaching skills into practice. I'm also looking forward to planning some travel in the campervan. And all the while stay thankful for what I already have!

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