Monday, November 30, 2009

Gwen Bell challenge

Here's the link, in case I forget where I found it later.

So December 1 Trip. What was your best trip in 2009?

I did quite a few trips in 2009, but I think my favourite was to a friend's wedding in September (09/09/09). Peter couldn't come since it was midweek, so it was just me and 4 cherubs squished into the 4wd along with toys, play clothes, wedding clothes, scooters and baby paraphenalia. It also was nowhere near as chaotic as it might sound, since once we arrived there were the rest of the 'serial killers' to help.

(Serial killers = group of amazing, inspirational, thoughtful women, spanning the globe (just) in an online mother's group, connected by the internet/texts/meets since mid-2006).

We had booked 8 or so cabins at a caravan park, 4 each side of the road, and the kids all pretty much could wander to their heart's content. The wedding was one of those fairytale weddings, vintage themed, with 30 or so kids under 5 and not so many more adults. There were crafty things for the kids to do, made-up songs to sing, plasticine to be moulded into hearts by all of the guests, finger painting on a guest tree, a lolly buffet, and Luella's favourite,'the princess lady'.

On the day after the wedding, the friend who I was sharing the cabin with and I took all of the kids (she has 2 busy little boys, Kimbal was in heaven) to the beach for the day. It was just so perfect and so relaxed.

Everything was easy. It was a great trip.

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