Monday, January 14, 2008

My insane 2.5 years

You know, it's only now that I'm realising just how 'busy' (euphemism) life has been since Kimbal was born and then Luella was born 16 months later.

One child? Pft, easy peasy, even with a little girl who needed to be held to sleep and while sleeping. This actually worked in our favour sometimes, we could take Olivia anywhere and she'd sleep just like she was at home. I even had a spare hand left to hold my champagne.

Two children? Harder, but not too difficult. Allocating one child per parent makes going out in public. A bit of a pain co-ordinating 2 different sleep times, but by the time Kimbal was 1 he was down to sharing the lunchtime nap with Olivia. At this stage I was thinking 'no more babies'! This is too perfect.

Three children? Wow. What a year it has been (almost a year, I should save that phrase for when she really is 1). For the first 10 months, Lu would sleep every 2-3 hours and only in her sling or cot. So we could go for a walk, if it didn't upset the sleep times of the other 2 and if the weather was favourable and if we could guarantee we'd be home for her next feed and if we had a bag full of snacks in case the others got whingey and if we were prepared to stop at the park on the way and if I was prepared for the tantrum upon leaving the park and if....get it? Actually those some worries work for any time we could possibly leave the house, up until now. Now our reasons for not going anywhere include will it be safe for me to keep my 2 eyeballs on 3 children? But again, with Peter's eyeballs too, the odds are again in our favour. 4 eyeballs, 3 children. Maybe we could have another?!

Here's a pic of the backseat of our car. We were heading to a party the other night, and I looked back and thought I should record this time of 3 carseats filling the back of the sedan. BTW, we had to leave the party early. Kimbal fell headfirst down some stairs, and Lu needed sleep but wouldn't settle. Such is life.

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Selina said...

Gosh, I love that photo Mandy!