Friday, June 10, 2011

House of sickness

I'm sick. My head is full of snot and my body is aching. I've done nothing but sit on the lounge and do credit card damage for 2 days. Every second step I take I'm knocking into something left where it's dropped on the floor - current inventory 1 pair of New Balance kids' size 13 joggers, 1 size 11 Target pink jogger (ugh I'll have to track down the other one later...), Sylvanian families paraphernalia, a towel that is covering the coke Curtis spilled while pouring the leftovers from fast food Friday/movie night from one cup to another, a small pound puppy, wipes, and a pair of size 14 New Balance joggers that almost perfectly match the child's but yeh, belong to someone who should have put them away instead of leaving them scattered. That's what I can see. Behind me is the craft table, and there's sure to be about 3 days worth of paper cuttings and crap underneath it. To my right, boys, quite handsome little boogers, but attacking each other while yelling fight fight fight.
I think I'm getting better, but I'm not sure I want to! Because getting better means cleaning up, and perhaps even scarier, looking after the sickies that will fall after me. Kimbal is showing signs of a sniffle, and Peter is resting on the lounge nearly asleep at 8.15. Oh no. And it hasn't been that bad doing nothing for 2 days, although you can only refresh facebook so many times and check the chat lists before you think perhaps there is something more productive you should be doing.
One enjoyable thing we did do today was sit and watch the photo dvd's my stepdad made for the kids. The first one was Kimbal's christening DVD, then last year he made one for Olivia's birthday and then Luella got hers made because she was the only one who was aware of the dvd's to wonder why she didn't have one. It was very predicably cute to see them all as little ones again, no feelings of dread, and we all oohed and aaahed and giggled at appropriate places. It's funny how they look so different to when they were babies, but still so much the same. It's also funny seeing the changes I've had over the past 7 years, the self cut ultra short fringe on black over dyed hair probably wasn't my best look.
Righto, I'm off to have a bath before Peter does fall asleep and I get the supervision of the kids by default.


Mandy said...

OK so I just read my last blog post from January. It seems having crap on my floor is a common occurance. I don't know why I feel the need to advertise it. I could lie and say it's clear and freshly mopped could't I?!

Princess Martha said...

Hahaha, you could. One blog post every six months...your doing well.