Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The noise (omg the noise!)

Something people with only one or two children can't begin to understand (much in the way I couldn't understand more than 4 kids, or multiples!) - the constant noise of playing/fighting/talking/crying etc etc Today at the park we had a lovely time with a friend, who has three similarly aged to my own. Out of nowhere, one stood still, hands by side, and squealed. High pitched, lengthy, ear piercing. Child number two joined in, then child number three. It was a practiced harmony, a game that it appeared they'd played once or twice before. My kids thought it was hysterical, and their laughing egged the other family on for rounds 2 and 3. My friend just kept talking to me over the noise, as you do when you want to have a conversation with children around.
Just then, I heard (as I lie in my bubble bath lol)-
C1 - it's your birthday next week!
C2 - yes it's my birthday next week!
C3 - no it's not, mum said it's your birthday today
C2 - oh yes it's my birthday today
C3 - but maybe it's your birthday next week? (to C1)
C1 - no it's definitely C2's birthday next week. It's my birthday today
C3 - nah, it's not
C1 - yes it is. And I'm getting a pony.
C2 - I've already got a pony
C3 - I've got a black pony
C2 - I've got a black pony too. C1 has a white pony
C1 - no I want a black pony too
C3 - ok, let's all have black ponies
There's going to be some posting malfunction here, as I can't edit on my phone the bit I've already typed. But just for a moment imagine there being no C3, and all of the discussion following whatever C3 has said or started being filled with silence! Of course it wouldn't necessarily happen like that, but there's no doubt there is less words spoken by 2 children than 3.

I have 2 in the bath with me now and they haven't stopped talking either. But the noise levels if my life are more than doubled as I hear discussions taking place in the kitchen, and Peter becoming involved as well.

I'm getting out to continue on the bed routine.
Now, just imagine taking C3 out of the equation and


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