Thursday, January 27, 2011

One of those days...

So we didn't have a fabulous day here today. I'm sure if I concentrated really hard I'd come up with some shining moments, but it was overwhelmingly a day that I am glad to see the end of.
I'm supposed to be returning to work this year, and starting in an entirely different career. My feelings on this change hourly (I'm not kidding, maybe I do have too much thinking time) but today - even despite of the horrid nature of these 4 all day - I want to stay home for that much longer. I want to keep them in my own little bubble, where they can't be influenced by anyone else but our own family. And at times, when I wonder if it's our family bubble that has influenced THEM in a bad way, I want to keep their behaviours contained in our own little world - or their bedroom for their age in minutes ;)
School goes back next week, and we have most things ready. Something that is high priority now is getting K to bed early and up early, as he's never had a bed time before. I thought we had success at 6.30 when I read him a story and left him in his bedroom to go to sleep, he was almost asleep on the lounge prior to me moving him even if I did think it was slightly early for an enforced bedtime. 9pm out he comes, full of attitude at going to bed before he got to play with the craft.
O, once she turned 15 months old, has been a really good sleeper who just takes herself to bed when tired and she seems to be tired at acceptable times so it's not a drama.
L is still sleeping in the loungeroom, on her trundle bed in front of a movie (fraggle rock tonight) but we are supposed to be moving her to her own bedroom these holidays. I think she'll be okay though (even if we have to arrange to have a movie showing in there at bedtime to get her to sleep!).
And C isn't starting preschool or school for some time so he will just have to slot in around the bedtimes of the others ;) Right now he gets a bottle and bed, but if we are going to insist on the others staying in their own beds then I don't know what to do with him. He's not likely to stay in bed and sleep while Kimbal is screaming at the door to come out is he?
I've lost track a bit there about what I was saying. Maybe the bad day just seemed worse because we all need more sleep?

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