Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas shopping ho ho ho!

I LOVE it! Online or walking shop-to-shop (childfree, please). I love finding that special something that is so perfect for that special someone. I love bargains, I love the parcel delivery man, I love watching other people struggling while shopping with children (sorry), I love the music, I love the crowds, I love the heat, sore feet (hmmm were there some shoes on sale somewhere?), indents in my forearms from bags hanging, coffee stops where I go through the bags and realise I've bought 2 presents for one niece and none for the other. Did I mention I love the parcel delivery man?! He gave me a beep today as he drove down our intersecting street to stop me from driving away before he delivered my newest arrival, he understands the difficulties in taking 4 little hands into the postoffice and leaving holding 2 little hands and a massive parcel. If I'm not home, and he thinks (probably by the bikes and other kiddy paraphenalia all over the driveway) I haven't left town but will be back later, he puts a note under my door that says 'Parcel at side door'. God love him.

There is only one thing that dampens my enthusiasm for Christmas shopping, and it's that my Christmas funds don't meet my Christmas desires. I have pages bookmarked and carts full online that I won't be able to go through with. Should I take screenshots to give with the later chosen inferior present, testing the theory that it's the thought that counts? Nice try, however if there was a little more thought I would have not bought all of those skinny lattes throughout the year and saved that $30/week for a Christmas shopping bonanza. Now why didn't I think of that earlier...any earlier than November would have been helpful.

So for anyone out there reading, who could be hopefully expecting a present from me this year, here's a list of googleable online shops that I have bookmarked for this year's shopping. My present to you this year could be just to help you help yourself ;)
Lush (artetorturata)
abe books
book depository
aussie swim store
sseko designs

Happy shopping!

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Princess Martha said...

Thanks for the help...but I have already purchased your gift, as I think you have guessed, hehe hoho!! I will however scroll through the sites and see what I can find for others....