Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I just spent 12 minutes recovering my password to this account - after testing every variation of my typical passwords I had it reset. I'm sure I have to do this everytime, and I'm sure it has nothing to do with how infrequently I post ;)
adding to my posting struggles this year is that my laptop has died, and I am now using my iPhone. Excuse predictive text induced typos and lazy grammar, I'm already getting aches and strange twitches from touchpad typing.
So, why am I here?
Once again it has to do with recording thoughts, typically relating to kidisms but stretching into the wider world as my life evolves further away from nappies and bottles. I now have 4 kids who are 6 and under which is much less chaotic than it used to be. I feel a little bit average these days when people ask if I have kids/how many/ages, and I feel slightly panicked when I see people with 3 under 3 even though that used to be me. So if that is you, take heart, embrace the chaos because things do settle down ( and once they do you realise you must have been caught up in the insanity to spend ridiculous amounts of time, money and energy on online stockings of nappies when there are so many beautiful clothes and shoe shops for adults online!).
Tonight while I was washing up (because average people do that, people in chaos are excused) I noticed my 6 year old's camera half sticking out from under the clothes pile to be sorted (the amount of clothes I have to sort will never be average). So, in between sink refils, I went to put it back in the 20's style pink sequinned with fringing designated camera case Olivia found in the dress ups box but before I did, I went through what photos had been taken on there recently. Oh how I laughed!!! I wish I could somehow add them to this post, but ut was like looking through a roll of film from a uni dorm party. Examples of shots, in sequence -
an old cage used to temporarily house wildlife (from a friend who used to do WIRES), with 2 pieces of bread inside
the zebra stripes from a huggies tent
a foot on a mattress
Curtis on the mattress, with huggies zebra tent. All sheets on floor
Olivia inside cot, looking somewhat effected by substances
olivia's legs standing on cot rails, no pants but saggy undies. Otherwise fully clothed.
Head shot of Olivia, still standing on rails. Hair fallen over her face completely. Red glow to cheeks seen through hair
a toy turtle on the floor
a toy turtle in the wheelbarrow that is filled with water (lots of these shots, with the turtle in variety of positions)
cheesy Curtis
a few Kimbal self portraits...
Just as I'm typing I know it's really one of those 'you had to be there' moments, but it could be helpful to my future therapy to write down things that made me laugh over the course of raising these spirited children ;) If my computer gets replaced soon I'll post a selection of the pics as a little bit of insight into the observations and activities of the kids.


Selina said...

I wish you could add these pictures too!

Princess Martha said...

I cant wait to see these photos. Jarad used to take photos of feet all the time. We would get films developed, and there would be random photos of Jarads feet. Bizarre. PS Good to see you back Mandy with stories of my "spirited nieces & nephews" lol