Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sick kids

Poor c2 has had a really bad run with illness lately. A month ago, all of the kids had colds. They weren't too bad but I thought they could benefit from a day off school, and I took them all out bush to take some photos...
They don't look too sick there do they? Anyway they all went back to school, revived from their day off.
Until 2 weeks later. C2 got tonsillitis. All of the kids have quite big tonsils to begin with, so when they become infected there's a lot of tissue to become gross. I took him to the dr, who I thought said 'here are some antibiotics. He should be fine for school tomorrow'. After 3 days off, it was hard for his little anxious body to get back into the going to school vibe. Thursday morning was ugly, there were threats, yelling, attempted bargaining and consequences. He ended up going and lasted all day but when I picked him up from the bus he looked miserable. He said his mouth hurt.
Friday afternoon he was worse. He had ulcers in lots of places in his mouth, and cold sores on his lips. His gums were red and swollen. Saturday morning he couldn't even talk so we went back to the dr and he has herpetic gingiostomatitis - or something like that!
:( he was so run down from the tonsillitis, the herpes virus went viral in his mouth. And I found out the dr said not to send him to school last week...there is a slight language barrier between the African dr and us, but even c2 'knew' the dr said he could go back to school on Thursday. 
It must be incredibly painful, but he also smells like death. It is really repulsive! We get him to rinse with mouthwash but he can use a toothbrush while his gums are so swollen and sore. He is also contagious, if the sores are touched and germs spread, so he's off school for another couple of days.
Another day off work and I feel so guilty. It's not easy being a working mum. There isn't the gender equality in the workplace that there should be really. Dad has a higher position and more responsibility so it is harder for him to take time off, especially since we are in the same workplace and my efforts are considered more disposable. But I want to be working so it kind of sucks. I don't resent poor c2 for being sick, I just wish his dad *could* stay home because he's the only other person I would leave my sick child with. 
Anyway, off to watch some crappy tv before getting into the housework. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New pyjamas

Four kiddies all wearing new fleecy pyjamas tonight. I could just cuddle and snuggle them all! They don't always wear pyjamas and they don't always match - a top from one set, pants from another - but tonight they do and it makes me want to try harder to keep them organised and matchy every night.
I won't though. I did go through a stage in the holidays when I found some enjoyment in being clean and organised. I moved furniture and polished slate floors, bought mats and cushions and almost tore up the loungeroom carpet. I bought a lamp that should arrive here this week, which is good because being my birthday week I'm less likely to have to explain why I have parcels arriving! 
But I'm just tired. I'm tired of picking up after everyone else all of the time and I'm tired of having to push for help. I have a case of pride perhaps. I know they are just kids, well most of them are, but why should it always be me?! I'm the only one who doesn't step over things left on the floor and the only one who apparently knows where everything is kept/left. I am the only one who thinks about whether there is food in the kitchen for school lunches the next day, the only one who buys it, packs it, unpacks it. Same for school uniforms, I find them, wash them and most likely set my alarm for 5.30 to put them in the dryer while everybody is oblivious.
But tonight it's all ok. My four babies are all cuddly and snuggly. We'll work on the housework another day.
New rug, cushions and same ol kids, climbing on the furniture