Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New pyjamas

Four kiddies all wearing new fleecy pyjamas tonight. I could just cuddle and snuggle them all! They don't always wear pyjamas and they don't always match - a top from one set, pants from another - but tonight they do and it makes me want to try harder to keep them organised and matchy every night.
I won't though. I did go through a stage in the holidays when I found some enjoyment in being clean and organised. I moved furniture and polished slate floors, bought mats and cushions and almost tore up the loungeroom carpet. I bought a lamp that should arrive here this week, which is good because being my birthday week I'm less likely to have to explain why I have parcels arriving! 
But I'm just tired. I'm tired of picking up after everyone else all of the time and I'm tired of having to push for help. I have a case of pride perhaps. I know they are just kids, well most of them are, but why should it always be me?! I'm the only one who doesn't step over things left on the floor and the only one who apparently knows where everything is kept/left. I am the only one who thinks about whether there is food in the kitchen for school lunches the next day, the only one who buys it, packs it, unpacks it. Same for school uniforms, I find them, wash them and most likely set my alarm for 5.30 to put them in the dryer while everybody is oblivious.
But tonight it's all ok. My four babies are all cuddly and snuggly. We'll work on the housework another day.
New rug, cushions and same ol kids, climbing on the furniture

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