Sunday, November 3, 2013

Things I need to do

The husband is away on a golf weekend and I have come down with a bad cold. I think I'm getting soft in my old age, most ailments I ever suffer seem to knock me useless for the duration. I spent last weekend in bed with a stomach bug and yesterday in bed with a dripping nose and a roll of toilet paper (because tissues never last more than one cold here, and no one ever has the foresight to buy more before another cold hits).
Anyway, kids have been mostly good. Great even. They entertain themselves 
, this was at 8am when I finally moved from bed this morning armed with their costumes to go swimming today.
I thought they could just swim and swim while I sat and sat, but the air in the swim centre was stifling and I could feel my body struggling to regulate my temperature. They are all so lovely though, I didn't have to ask them twice to get out (and the slushies I bought on the way out were not even a bribe, since even I didn't know I was going to buy them until they all got dressed and marched like little soldiers out of the centre!).
So I'm in the bath now, wondering if I'll make it through work tomorrow and making lists of things I need to do before bed. Make cupcakes for a school stall, take out the bin and feed the animals. Dry the school uniforms (although c3 has been in bed for an hour and was quite sniffly before then). 
That's all.

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