Wednesday, September 11, 2013

End of term and the wheels are falling off

I don't actually know where that phrase comes from, but I know what it means! Let me give examples from just one day in the second last week of a long school term -
C1 ran away today. She threw her tennis racquet on the ground 3 times and then decided she would rather live at her friend's house so picked up the racquet and ball, slung it over her shoulder and literally ran away. She is 9, not 2, by the way. This followed a tantrum (at 9, not 2!) for half an hour that she didn't want to be at the tennis court, and of course the running away all began because it was time to go home and she hadn't hit a ball. 
C2 is having anxiety again, not yet at last year's level so I am doing all I can to make home life stress free and help him through these next couple of weeks. That means afternoon activities that he can look forward to (hello tennis court) and dinners that I know he enjoys. I am getting more comfortable with the anxious part of him though, it's taken me a while but I now understand that he doesn't want to be anxious either but he just can't help it. We had C1's confirmation on the weekend and he looked so unhappy at the start of it all, his eyes looked almost fearful, so I didn't push him to kneel or stand when he was supposed to - and I squeezed his shoulder to let him know that was ok. I've got his back.
C3 (who is 6.5, not 2) also had a tantrum this afternoon, with the highlight being a back thrown across the room and 'I hate you mum!' screamed from her bedroom. All because c4 had picked up a $2 stuffed toy from Vinnies during the day and she wanted a toy nooooow. I'll talk to her tomorrow when she's rational and she can pack up some of her old toys to take to Vinnies and I'll let her have a $2 one too. She had $2 canteen money today so the situation wasn't entirely unfair, not that I have to justify buying him anything while she's at school. 
C4 is ok. No major dramas. He only goes to preschool 3 days/week so isn't too tired or over it. 

Bring on holidays!

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