Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random things right now...

Okay, so I've stuffed up inserting photos. Add that to my list of things that annoy me.

(oops, adding the photo of my happy place kayak may not have worked as I wanted it to)
Things that annoy me
* C3 using her finger to get peanut butter off her sandwich and then slurping it in my ear
* C1,2 and 4 rolling around on the trundle bed in the bedroom. I can hear it rolling along the floorboards, lots of laughter (this should be a good thing??!) but you know the saying, 'it's all fun and games until someone loses and eye'
* Remotes out of reach and I don't want to watch Sea Princesses now that the majority have finished their lunch
* Sticky keys after spilling coffee on my keyboard a month ago
* the weather. C1 asked me this morning, after noticing once again it was raining, and cold 'is it still Spring?'. Well yes, it should be, it only feels mid June.'

* Wet shoes making my feet colder than they need be.
(if anyone related to me says I sound like nan with my whinging, well, you're probably right. Except I'm not threatening law suit on anybody for my whinges! RIP Nan)

Things that make me laugh
* The laughter coming from the bedroom...
* C3 just telling me her 'feet are needling again' lol When we were at Uluru and walking a lot, and she was being carried around on dad's shoulders a lot, she lost feeling in her legs and we explained about pins and needles. She remembers the feeling, but the term is a little muddled. Cute.

(picture of C3 on dad's shoulders at the Devil's Marbles, preserving his precious anonymity)

Things that I'm grateful for
* my kayak. We hung it up in the garage earlier, but I'm sure it will stop raining one day and I'll be able to try it out.
* that I have somebody around that can sort out pulleys and things. Man jobs.
* that I picked up on my brain freeze, where I spelled grateful as greatful *shudder*
* my dog. Love my dog

Things I'm looking forward to
* being bridesmaid at my oldest friend's wedding. She's not old, but we've been together since we were both skinny, then fat, then skinny, then fat etc etc so a long time. Only one month to go.
* consistently warm weather
* getting a new lounge. This one is dog bed. Not fit for human sitting.

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Princess Martha said...

I love how you sound like Nan, yes, I had to mention that ;-) I also love that the photo of your husband is so teeny tiny, that I think he remains anonymous. I also love how your photos are all out of order, lol. Maybe I need to give you lessons on something techno...who would have thought I could teach you something about the computer!!?? Bahahaa