Friday, February 17, 2012

I don't cook. I don't have any secrets to weight loss. I can't take beautiful photos. I can't draw stick figures in Paint to illustrate a parenting blog. I don't sew and my home style is nothing to write about. My fashion style is limited by budget and location (although I do love me a bit of online shopping). All I have is my kids, and the interesting things they do. Like -

* C3 started school this year. The principal saw me at pick up the other day and told me that at sometime during the day she had stopped my little girl and another little boy in her class, wondering seemingly aimlessly across the school grounds during class time. She went and asked them what they were doing out of class, and they replied that they 'had found a peg and were looking for the clothesline or laundry'.

* C4 thought one of our chickens was thirsty and needed 'water in her mouth' last week. Unfortunately, too much water was put in poor Elyse's mouth. That's ok, we got another one. C1 looked at her (almost identical) bantam and asked 'Do you think she suits the name Professer Elyse?'. that you mention it, Professor Elyse is the perfect name!

* C2 has settled into year 1 beautifully this year. He has really matured, the biggest sign of this was his 'deal' that he would give up his beloved rainbow blanky for payment. For the first night without blanky, he scored $10, the second $5, third $2, fourth $2 and the final night $1. Loved his entrepreneurial spirit! He was initially going to use that $20 to buy a talking parrot toy from the local tobaccanist - I had previously refused to buy it for him because it is a rude talking parrot that tells people to shut up or whatever, but he figured he would be able to buy it with his own hard earned cash. He didn't end up with the parrot, I can't remember what he got now, but we dodged another bullet there!